Secret Number "독사 Doxa " M/v Reaction

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  • Upload Date: 24 May 2023
This is easily one of my favorite era of theirs! From the poison/venom concept, to the surprisingly more soft and slow chorus, to the styling and even the sets, I liked everything (while the dolls still get me freaked out). And it's almost expected but the bridge and the last chorus is so so so good! Probably the best part of the song, the vocals there are incredible! Also loved how each of the girls had their own poison and their own revenge kinda! Though the cupid concept was my favorite! So aesthetically murderous nsnsns Honestly if I didn't know of the poison concept and didn't have the MV, I could never have imagined such MV with such plot because of how different the vibes are between the song and the MV! But I believe it adds to the fun! Homerun today for me since i liked everything I watched! → Watch the MV here: _____________________ 🔅Find me on Patreon here: 🔅Find my merch here : 🔅Follow me on Instagram : 🔅Follow me on Twitter: 🔅For any business inquiry: [email protected] You can shop on those websites and use my code/link to save up some money. I get a small commission from the sales btw which helps me a lot so thank you ❤️ 🔸Use code 'gzbkarma' for 10% off of your order on 🔸Shop on Yesstyle here : and use code GZBKARMA to get a discount on your order 🔸Use code : gzbkarma for a discount on 🔸Shop on FashionChingu here : If you wish to use any of my video in yours please make sure to credit me! Thanks for understanding. **No copyright infringement intended