Alan Walker X Emma Steinbakken - Not You Live Performance

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World Of Walker album is out now. Listen here: Experience the full album playlist here: Words become weightless when I try to describe the week we've just had! Thank you for turning the world’s attention to our ever-growing community. No time is better than the present to give you a glimpse of what is to come. I am excited to show you the Not You Live Performance video, alongside the gifted @EmmaSteinbakkenOfficial . Who is ready? • Alan Remember to subscribe to the channel and turn on 🔔 Connect with me 📲 👉Join the W41K3R5: 👉 Discord: 👉 Spotify: 👉 Instagram: 👉 TikTok: 👉 Facebook: 👉 Twitter: 👉 Snapchat: 👕 Official Merchandise: //////////////////////////////////////// // LYRICS // Alan Walker & Emma Steinbakken - Not You // LYRICS // Live my life in my mind where I make up stories all the time and I pretend that I am not someone left to face the world alone lately I`m not the same found a stranger calling out my name have a feeling you would be so proud and he`s gon` need me now but he`s not you he`s not you he will never be you photo book with my mistakes promises that we never got to make all the things I wanna talk about hard to say it to myself wintertime once again in the snow I can see just where I`ve been how far I`ve made it in a world so cold where I have everything but he’s not but he`s not you he`s not you he will never be you but he`s not you he`s not you he will never be you //////////////////////////////////////// 🎵Listen & Follow Walker Radio here: //////////////////////////////////////// CREW Director Kristian Berg Producer Madeleine Kviljo Executive Producer Gunnar Greve 1st AD TomTom Jørgensen Filmassist Ester Matre PA Mari-Elene Gudahl DOP Morten Forsberg 1st AC Bernhard Fitzinger 2nd AC / DIT Ida Oslen Gaffer Doan Mortensen Nguyen Best boy Aleksander Haugdal Drone Marcus Fjeldheim BTS Film Sondre Fagerborg BTS Photo Theodor Hjelmtveit Musical Director Daniel Eriksen Sound Nikolaj Gloppen Playback Liam Knott Sound assistent Levi André Nuet SFX Teo Viksjø SFX Rune Andersen Costume & Make up Lill Sofie Wilsberg Costume & MU assistant Henrik Mortensen Walkermobile Joachim Waagaard Colorist Didrik Bråthen ARTIST Artist Alan Walker Artist Emma Steinbakken Violin Lise Voldsdal Violin Ragnhild Lien Cello Einar Halle Cello Ellen Martine Gismervik CAST & EXTRAS #28300 Susanne Karin Moe Red Nexus General Robert Lee Red Nexus Soldier 1 Fredrik Luukas Red Nexus Soldier 2 Kristoffer Haavie Strømsrud Red Nexus Soldier 3 Charlotte Modin Red Nexus Soldier 4 Rami Lerock Mahmoud Red Nexus Soldier 5 Levi Amandus Buvarp Schmitz Red Nexus Soldier 6 Bjørnar Bruun Red Nexus Soldier 7 Ståle Hornseth Red Nexus Soldier 8 Simon Luukas Reher SUPPLIERS Rental cars Bislet Bilutleie Camera Storyline Lights Krypton SFX Sunt & SFX Production gear Filmassistentene Catering Gro Catering Post-production Mer Content #AlanWalker #WorldOfWalkers #NotYou